Tips on planning India wedding

Every couple wants to turn their wedding into a memorable moment. Planning effectively for the wedding ensures you get the most out of it and avoid last minute glitches.

Here are tips on planning an Indian wedding.

1. Plan ahead to reduce the stress: Writing a plan will help you to stick onto the procedure and avoid the possibility of missing out some things. Planning involves a number of things. For instance, you need to decide whether you want a traditional wedding or a conventional wedding. A conventional wedding is likely to feature glamour elements than a traditional wedding event.
In addition, you will need to decide whether to use email invitations or wedding cards. The details of logistics, music, and decorations will come out after 6-months of pre-planning. Other issues include selecting the various Indian wedding venues in Sydney, engaging wedding planner Sydney or planning for dhol players in Sydney. However, it does not mean that you will have to entirely stick to the plan but you need to be pragmatic and flexible even as you follow the plan or schedule.
One of the most outstanding issues about planning for a wedding is budgetary issues. In most cases, people tend to spend a lot when there is no budget, whether it is buying outfits, jewelry, gifts and doing more.
You might also want help from specialists if you are working on a budget. You can also read the various informative articles on the internet, which will guide you on how to plan an Indian wedding.
That said, E-Cards can be more suitable for volume invitations

2. Timelines and booking schedules: You will need to work closely with ceremonies and guests and intimate them well in advance. This factor should be featured in your plan. For instance, this should be done three to six months before the wedding day.
This helps the guests to plan their trips accordingly. You might also need to confirm their attendance later. You will also want to organize cocktail parties and plan the space according to different functions and events. Some people want to book separate spaces for three different functions.
In doing this, you might want to consider if a particular venue offers flexible space for various big and small functions.
Other things to consider and plan for include wedding themes and flower arrangements. Get all the details including the stage setup, backdrop, entrance, and flowers falls short without a stated theme and food representation style that will be aligned to the wedding theme. Some of the themes for the wedding include Exotic Flower Based Theme and Royal Theme.

3. Venue selection and guest accommodation: It can be overwhelming to select Indian wedding venues in Sydney. However, site inspection can solve the problem of location. You might want to work with wedding planners in Sydney or dhol players in Sydney to ensure this works well. Another issue is availability of the top rated spaces you are interested in, especially when it is peak season.
For instance, we can help organize for lush green open spaces that will be appealing to guests and attendees. We will also help you confirm and negotiate the rates and check for other details such as availability of packing and safety of packing and accommodation.

You also need to plan for capacity. The selection of location may depend on whether it is a big event or small event. Again, it will depend on whether it is a Banquet, Marriage Hall or outdoor space you need.